Prototype Leg Drive assembly

An early prototype of the drive assembly. It utilizes a cheap drill motor and printed gears to drive an omni wheel.

Prototype Tachikoma (Spider bot) Leg

An early prototype tachikoma leg. It is mostly a test print to see how well the shape would print. I left an opening for an access panel on the outside, which corresponds with lines on some drawings.

An attempt at vacuum forming the leg and head

We initially created these molds to create plastic body parts. We had issues heating large pieces of plastic and instead tried using fiberglass. Sadly we didn't use a proper mold release and the parts were permanently bonded with the fiberglass.

Tachikoma - Mockup

A mock up of the Tachikoma (Spider-bot)

Rob the Robot

A friend of mine wanted to do a Super Smash Bros. cosplay, and we decided a Rob the Robot would be a nice touch. We threw this together over 2 weekends, so it wasn't particularly durable. It was made from a Powerwheels go-cart and foam core panels. The arms raised and lowered and rotated at the shoulders.